• Why to invest in Sudan
  • Why to Invest in Sudan E&P Sector?

Why to Invest in Sudan E&P Sector?

Many international firms have being invested in Sudan because of the openness and encouraging strategy for investment, which make the investment in Sudan is a sufficient opportunity, which is attributed to:

  1. Distinguished strategic location in the heart of the African continent.
  2. The hydrocarbon potentiality with a considerable amount is under-explored.
  3. An encouraging and flexible legislations and agreements.
  4. The availability of the associated services’ providers and low-waged skilled labor.
  5. The availability of infrastructure with a reasonable level of development.
  6. The availability of a modern and developed network of communication.


Hence, many opportunities are available for investment in this field. The Ministry of Petroleum and Gas is the sole gate of investment in Sudanese oil sector.