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Oil industry in Sudan:

The Sudanese oil sector is administered and managed by the Ministry of Petroleum and the Sudanese Petroleum Corporation which set polices and plans to manage the oil sector.


Maximum utilization of petroleum wealth and secure the supply of oil products to customers through efficiently refining, transporting and distributing in a healthy and clean environment.


Exploration, production, refining, transportation and distribution of oil wealth by acquiring technologies and knowledge based on international standards for quality and clean environment. The mission calls for building capacity of Sudanese human resources by developing training programs.


The Ministry is seeking strategically to achieve the following objectives:

  • To ensure contribution of the petroleum sector to the national economy by acquiring revenues and enhancing the balance of payment and helping in reducing poverty.
  • To secure optimum use of the latest technology.
  • To expand exploration activities with the view of increasing reserves.
  • To increase the oil production from the existing discoveries.
  • To meet the domestic demand of oil products to achieve the self sufficiency.
  • To conduct research and studies to enhance the production of hydrocarbons.