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Block 23 Acquisition Opportunity

Um Agaga, Um Rawaba & Dar Agil Basins, Central Sudan

Opportunity to invest in under-explored basin with proven Petroleum system for oil and gas and identified Prospects

Block-23  is located in South West of Sudan with total area of 69,252sq. Km.

 Block 23 Location Map
Figure-1: Block 23 Location Map

All Block is covered with Gravity Survey and 485.3 km of 2D seismic were acquired.

The Block is located with in Muglad, basin which is one of the major components of West and Central Africa Rift-related System (WCARS). Fula sub-basin is Fault –bounded depression located in the NE of the Muglad basin, Sudan.
Covers an area of about 3560sq.km3
divided into six structure units: the boundary fault zone ,southern faulted steps, southern sag, northem fault step
The lower cretaceous abu-gabra shales (barremian-Aptian), are major source rocks.
Reservoir targets include interbedded sandstone with abu-gabra formation and sandstone bentiu and aradeiba formation (albian-cenomanian and turonian,resoectively)
About eleven oilfield and oil-bearing structure have been discovered

Figure- 3 : Stratigraphic column Of Muglad Basin

The nearest Town is AlFula, The distance from Khartoum Sudan Capital is around 500km, the permanent asphaltic road from Khartoum to AlFula is accessible link to the  Block