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Block 22 Acquisition Opportunity

Um Agaga, Um Rawaba & Dar Agil Basins, Central Sudan

Opportunity to invest in under-explored basin with proven Petroleum system for oil and gas and identified Prospects

Block22 is located in South Kurdufan state and it is a part of the Muglad basin which is one of the major components of West and Central Africa Rift-related System (WCARS). It is located in the eastern flank of Muglad basin with a total area 12478.50515 Sq. Km.

Block 22 Location Map 
Figure-1: Block 22 Location Map

Generally the area can be divided into two structural setting , the eastern flank with Basement high and the keilak Sub basin area.
The Keilak Sub basin is a half graben which is controlled by the eastern border fault. The predicted potential zone is located in the west of Keilak Sub basin, where a  number of leads have been mapped

Sedimentary basin map
Figure-2: Sedimentary basin map

Previous study (Tectonic Framework, Blocks 1, 2&4) by RIPED  on 2010 predicted that Keilak Sub-basin developed deep lake in the middle member of  Abu Gabra formation with source rock deposition and top seal  to be proved by detail study and more exploration activities.
Stratigraphic column Of Muglad Basin
Figure-3: Stratigraphic column Of Muglad Basin

3865 km of 2D seismic was done by Chevron and GNPOC.

Block22: GN00-101

  • The block is 50 Km far from Bamboo field, and many roads (off roads) is connecting the areas in the block to the facilities and distinguished camps.