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  • Block 21 Acquisition Opportunity

Block 21 Acquisition Opportunity

Um Agaga, Um Rawaba & Dar Agil Basins, Central Sudan

Opportunity to invest in under-explored basin with proven Petroleum system for oil and gas and identified Prospects

  • Block 21 is laying in the southern west part of Sudan with an area of 81,217 sq.km in Muglad Basin. (Figure-1).
Block 21 Location Map
Figure-1: Block 21 Location Map
There are total of 9 sub basins with in the Block
Figure-2: There are total of 9 sub basins with in the Block.
  • ¬†Abu Gabra Formation is considered the main source rock in the Muglad basin.
  • Hiba, Rakuba and Khdari subbasins are considered the main kitchen areas for block 21.
  • Six Out of ten wells drilled in the block 21 encountered oil shows, and thus manifested the presence of active petroleum system in Hiba and Rakuba sub-basins.
  • The depositional model of AG formation in Khadari basin suggest the dominance of deep lacustrine environments to the central depocenter, wich indicate the deposition of a good source rock facies.


Stratigraphic column Of Muglad Basin
Figure-3: Stratigraphic column Of Muglad Basin


  • Chevron started the exploration activities in 1975's and drilled one well between 1979-1985 in the present Khadari sub-basin, TOTAL leased the central part of Block - C (Bahr Al-Arab sub-basin) and conducted seismic survey during 1982 but no wells were drilled and relinquished the block in 1991, CNPC singed EPSA over Block-6 in 1996 with the Sudanese Government for the western part of the block and APCO consortium signed EPSA over the Block from 2003 up to 2011.

Seismic  line cross HIBA sub basin
Figure-4: Seismic line cross HIBA sub basin