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  • Block 19 Acquisition Opportunity

Block 19 Acquisition Opportunity

South Wadi Howar Basin, Onshore, western Sudan

Opportunity to invest in under-explored basin

  • Block 19 is located in Westren Sudan with area of 132024 Km2(Fig 1).
  • The Block is considered as frontier exploration area.
  • The geological outcrop of block-19 is made up of Paleozoic and basement, while the sub-surface contains Mesozoic sediments.
  • Generally, its analogous in geology are the neighboring Kufra (SE Libya), Murdi (Chad), and Dakhla (SW) basins.
  • Distinct sedimentary basin has been identified, namely; the South Wadi Howar as potential for hydrocarbon exploration (Fig 2).
  • The basin quite virgin with very little data; however the similarities in its origin, geology, and tectonic histories render it a tremendous chance for HC occurrence.
  • There are indications from recent gravity data that the S. Wadi Howar basin could reach more than 5 km depth.

Figure 1: Location Map of Sudan showing Block 19 area

Figure 2: Gravity Map of block 19