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  • Block 18 Acquisition Opportunity

Block 18 Acquisition Opportunity

Abyad Basin, Onshore, Northern Sudan

Opportunity to invest in under-explored basin

  • Block 18 is located north of Sudan approximately 550 km from Khartoum the capital city of Sudan, with a total area of 145902 Km2 (Fig 1).
  • The block can be accessed through Dongola airport or known paved road.
  • The main sedimentary basin in the Block is Abyad Basin (Fig 2).
  • The configuration of the basin is similar to that of Misaha, Salima & Gabgaba basins in Block 14&KomOmbo (Egypt); the latter is a petroleum producing basin.
  • Salima and/ or Gabgaba could represent the northern extension of a series of pull-apart basins which constitutes the KomOmbo, Gabgaba&Salima basins.
  • The sedimentary fill ranges in depositional setting & age from shallow marine Silurian (?) through continental Permo-Triassic, Jurassic, shallow marine late Cretaceous and marine Tertiary carbonate &cherts (Fig 3).
  • Shale sequences at the peripheries of the Abyad Basin indicate presence of potential source which embodies possible reservoirs of turbidite sands.
  • As result of recent airborne survey of satellite study conducted 2013, confirmed the presence of Abayd sedimentary basin and considered as

Stratigraphic column of Block13 with main petroleum system elements

Figure 1: Location Map of the Sudan showing Block 18 area

Figure 2: Block 18 Gravity Map

Figure 3: Source Rock outcrops (plates 1&2)