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  • Block 13 Acquisition Opportunity

Block 13 Acquisition Opportunity

Red sea Basin, Onshore/offshore, Eastern Sudan

Opportunity to invest in under-explored basin for oil and gas and identified Prospects

  • Block 13 is located in the eastern Sudan in the Sudanese Red Sea rift basin and cover an area of about 25903 Km2 ( onshore 7514 Km2 and 18392 Km2 offshore¬† ).
  • The main sea port (Port Sudan) and the refinery are only two hundred kilometers away.
  • There are three wells drilled in the Block (Abu Shagra, Dungnab and Magarsum).
  • The Depositional Environments are lacustrine, alluvial fan, delta mouth bars, fringing reef, lagoon, shallow marine sand and braided channel.
  • There are 8236 km 2D seismic lines.
  • The hydrocarbon system is proven by the gas shows in the two out of the three drilled wells.
  • ¬†Source rock: Hamamit formation and Magersum formation (Rudeis/Kareem).
  • Reservoir rock: MagersumFormation (Rudeis/Kareem), Belayim and Zeit Formation.
  • Seal rock: Dungunab formation (salt, anhydrite), and interbeded shale.
  • Structures are extensional type; Series of normal faults, angular unconformity and strike slip/ transform fault develop structural trap and also there is a chance of stratigraphic trap.
  • Gas and condensate discovery proven in the nearby area (Block 15).

Stratigraphic column of Block13 with main petroleum system elements

Sudan Location Map showing Block-13 in the Sudanese Red Sea

Gravity map of Block 12 with other Sudanese Blocks

Seismic cross section along the southern part of the block showing erosional surface (Hirnantian glaciation) and Palaeovalleys infill (Fluvio-glacial deposits).