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  • Block 11 Acquisition Opportunity

Block 11 Acquisition Opportunity

Bagbag, Humar, Hosh & Salamat Basins, Central Sudan

Opportunity to invest in under-explored basin with proven Petroleum system for oil and gas and identified Prospects

  • Block (11) is located in the central part of Sudan covering an area about 124,237.96 km2 (Figure-1). Khartoum refinery is near to the block in addition to GNPOC /CNPC main crude oil pipelines are passing through the Block.
Figure-1: Block 11 Location Map Figure-2: Location Map Showing Block 8 proximity the crude oil Infrastructure
  • Previous exploration activities (during the time span 1985 – 2013) by SUNOCO, Sudapak and Al Sudan Energia resulted in Acquiring gravity & magnetic and 92 line/km 2D seismic over the block (Figure-3).


Figure-3: Block 11 Gravity Map

  • Block 11 exploration opportunities summarizes in 4 extensional Basins: Humar, Bagbag, Salamat and Hosh.

Figure-4: Block 11 Basin location map


  • Complex rift system influenced by CASZ. The basins with 30-50 km of extension, with Strike slip and trantensional components result in pull apart basins and half graben rift compartments.