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  • Block 10 Acquisition Opportunity

Block 10 Acquisition Opportunity

Gadaref Basin, Onshore, Eastern Sudan

Opportunity to invest in under-explored basin

  • Block 10 is located in eastern Sudan mainly in the states of Gedaref, Kasala and Blue Nile State covering an area of 77,736.1 Km2 (Figure-1)  .
  • The block falls within close proximity of the two crude oil export pipelines
  • In addition the main sea port of Port Sudan is only a few hundred kilometers away.
  • The Block falls in the middle of a network of multiple transportation means. 
  • The terrain is relatively easy and simple (Figure-2).
Figure-1: Block 10 Location Map Figure-2: Location Map Showing Block 10 Proximity to the Crude Oil Infrastructure
  • The depositional environment of Gedaref Formation is dominated by braided channels, bars and floodplain deposits.
  • Dating of the Gadaref Formation come proposed a Maastrichtian age, late the latest age or upper stage of the Late Cretaceous epoch.
  • The Block covered by Gravity & Magnetic survey, Surface Geological Survey and 4 regional seismic lines.
  • Gravity interpretation may explain the gravity low by the existence of a sedimentary basin with maximum depth assessed to be deeper than 4000 meters (Figure-3).     


Figure-3: Block 10 Gravity Map Seebase Project 2009


  • The region is underlain by metamorphosed Precambrian rocks, overlain by unconformable Mesozoic sedimentary rocks which are cut by younger alkaline volcanic.

Figure-4: Cross Section East - West Across El Gadaref Basin