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  • Block 9 Acquisition Opportunity

Block 9 Acquisition Opportunity

Khartoum, Atbra & En nigeir/Um asala Basins, Central Sudan

Opportunity to invest in under-explored basin with proven Petroleum system for oil and gas and identified Prospects

  • Block 9 is located in the central part of Sudan covering an area of 141,937.3 km2 (Figure-1). Processing facilities, refinery and marine terminal are within/Near the Block. GNPOC / PDOC/ CNPC main oil pipelines are passing through the Block (Figure-2).
Figure-1: Block 9 Location Map  Figure-2: Location Map Showing Block 9
Proximity to the Crude Oil Infrastructure
  • Many prospective rift basins were identified from gravity and seismic data, the basins are within the same trend of Melut and Blue Nile Basins (e.g. Khartoum, Um Asala, En Negeir and Atbara Basins).
  • Many exploration activities have been done in the Block i.e. Magnetic, Magneto Telluric survey (MT), High Resolution Airborne Gravity, Gravity, around 7400km of 2D seismic and (8) wells by SUNOCO, SUDAPAK and AlSudan-Energia companies (Figure-3).


Figure-3: Block 9 Gravity Map Seebase Project 2009

  • Main source Rock: Lacustrine Shale/claystone of Jurassic to Early Cretaceous Azaza and Abu Gin Formations.
  • Reservoir: Lower Sawagir sands and Abu Gin sands.
  • Trap: Structural and Stratigraphic traps (unconformity, pinch out….etc).
  • Seals: Hebeika Fm. and intra formational shale of Sawagir & Abu Gin.

Zayed Model Final.png

Figure-4: Block 9 Stratigraphic Column